Established by hobbyists with more than 30 years of experience in marine and freshwater aquariums, The Fish Channel LLP aims to provide state-of-the-art aquariums and life support systems to enhance their environment while still ensuring endless hours of enjoyment by our fellow hobbyists.

We have formulated various aquatic systems that suit the different needs in the keeping of a freshwater, a marine fish-only, as well as a tank with the full range of corals. Coupled with our recommended additives and equipment, you can bring a picturesque piece of the underwater world into the comfort of your home or work place with minimal maintenance. Alternatively, you may leave the maintenance and cleaning of your aquarium to our reliable team of Technicians where you can be assured of quality service.

Besides aquarium building and tank maintenance, The Fish Channel LLP is also licensed to import and export livestock. We have regular imports/ shipments of fishes and corals from various parts of the world to satisfy the crave of hobbyists. Do check out our New Shipment page for the updates of imports. Should you require certain rare species of fishes or corals which do not come in with our regular imports, kindly contact us and we will make a special order just for you.

Please do no hesitate to visit us at our retail showroom with our aquarium display, comprehensive range of aquatic supplies and quality livestock. Our team can assist you in creating a unique aquarium design and aquascape that will blend seamlessly into your new or existing décor of your premise. No matter where the location, your aquarium will become a breathtaking centrepiece.

Yours faithfully

Kellvin Lim

The Fish Channel LLP